Jeff did wonderful job finding the solution to my computer problems. He safely removed all viruses and corrupt files. He uses remote access so no need to leave home or computer to wait. I highly recommend him and will use his services in future.

Melissa Powell

Jeff did an excellent job repairing all the viruses on our computer. He is very professional, knew exactly what to look for, and how to fix any issue he found. I highly recommend Jeff to everyone that I know is looking to have repairs done. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Jeff!

Laura Shearer

I needed to have the PC of a friend cleaned up and optimized. The end client is a person who doesn’t much care how a PC works, more that it does work. Her PC had been very unstable due to a lack of maintenance and few resources.

Jeff was able to remotely make her PC work better than the day it was new. He also taught her how to check for open applications (something very basic, but if you don’t know it, your computer runs slowly).

In less than two hours, Jeff transformed the PC from paperweight to a useful tool again.

Ron Krauch