A reliable and fast Meepo blink poofing script for Dota 2.

Feature List:

  • Reliable & Fast Blink Poof
  • Poof All Meepos (without Blinking)
  • You control how many meepos you use. More Beeps = More Meepos
  • The safety setting makes Blink Poof more reliable but disables your input during the Blink Poof while it is sending keystrokes or waiting on the blink poof to finish. You will normally not notice a loss in control.
    • Set this setting to False if you do not want the script to disable your input. This can cause meepo to cancel his blink dagger or his clones to stop poofing.
    • Safety may prevent Stop command from working if you don’t hold the stop key down.
  • Want to resetup the keybinds? You can either edit MeepoHelper.ini directly or delete MeepoHelper.ini and run MeepoHelper.exe to re-run the setup.
  • It is recommended to enable dota_player_smart_multiunit_cast 1 in the console. This will allow any meepo with Earthbind available to use Earthbind even if currently selected Meepo’s Earthbind is on cooldown.



Source Code

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