Soundboard lets you bind music or sound clips to any key or key-combination.


Download and install VLC Media Player.

How to use:

  1. Run Soundboard. On first launch, a sample INI will be created in the same folder where SoundBoard is saved.
  2. Configure this INI to suite your needs, save it, and restart SoundBoard.
  3. Press the hotkey and enjoy.


  • Use it during your live-stream to hype the crowd. My personal favorite is to play the space jam theme right after winning the game or after a teamfight when you pull off an awesome combo/ultimate ability.
  • Use it to annoy your enemies by using a Loopback and playing something like the Troll Song, Rick Roll, or John Cena’s Theme in multiplayer games.
  • Use it to play any song you want at the click of a button. Sorta basic yea, but it beats manually going to your music folder and double clicking the song you want to play every 3-5 minutes while you are in a game.


  • Admin is required for the hotkeys to function in certain games, like Dota 2.
  • StartTime and EndTime is a rational number with a value in seconds. Example: StartTime="15.468" It can be left blank to ignore this flag but it must still exist. Example: StartTime=""
  • You can pipe SoundBoard into your mic by creating a Loopback. Use a headphone cable that is male on both ends and plug one end into your mic jack and one into your headphone jack. Then reconfigure the INI to use the headphone jack as the playback device. To get the name of the playback device, open VLC and go to Tools > Preferences > Audio. Set the Output module to WaveOut audio output. Now look at your device list and find your headphone jack. Copy exactly what it says and put it in the INI as the playback device. If you are off by even a single character, it will use the default playback device instead. There is no need to save VLC. Just cancel out of the Preferences by clicking the red X.
  • To close SoundBoard, find the icon in the tray and Right Click > Exit

Example INI:

[Sound1] Hotkey="+{numpad9}"




PlaybackDevice="Microsoft Soundmapper"

You can add a new entry by copy pasting this into the bottom of your INI. Do not change the order found above and make sure to use a unique name for the Section Name. In the above example, this would be [Sound1].



Source Code

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