GTAV Anti Idler

This is a simple tool to push w to move forward once every minute so you don’t get kicked for being idle. Only works if Grand Theft Auto V is focused.   Download: GTAV.Anti.Idler.exe Source Code: GTAV.Anti.Idler.exe (compile with AutoIt3)

ShadowPlay Helper

A helper tool for Nvidia ShadowPlay that will play the last saved video upon hotkey.

Cursor Timer

Cursor Timer is a simple timer that displays it’s remaining time near your cursor. It beeps when its time has run out. Downloads: Cursor-Timer.exe Source Code

MapleStory JustAsk

MapleStory JustAsk is a Bishop Party Bot. Anyone in the party will be able to have the Bishop who is using Party Bot to use any of the Bishop’s spells and buffs.

How to Gen Pokemon on the 3DS

What is Genning? Genning is the term used to refer to generated pokemon, or otherwise obtaining pokemon not caught through legitimate means. How is this useful? Genning allows you to create perfect pokemon in a matter of minutes. You can obtain legitimate perfect pokemon, but it takes days to weeks worth of work. Anything else…

WiFi Hotspot

A utility to enable, disable, and configure the WiFi-Hotspot feature on Windows devices.

Reduce Memory

A tool for reducing memory usage. Can be used to release memory caused by a memory leak, although it doesnt fix the issue. It can reduce multiple processes and PIDs and the interval can be set to a cooldown of your liking.

Dota 2 Instant Picker

Always get the Hero you want to play with this Dota 2 Instant Picker. Simply run the program, type the hero’s name in the box, and start searching for a game. The moment a game is found, it will automatically be accepted and the moment character select becomes available, your hero will be automatically selected…

PortableApps App Creation Wizard

PortableApps App Creation Wizard is a GUI that was designed to rapidly create and deploy PortableApps in a PortableApps Format with as little effort as possible.


Why use AndyRoot over other tutorials available online? All the online tutorials I could find are all the out-of-date and don’t work or require you to mod the script to get it to work. Unhappy about this, I created my own program to do it for me. Also, this is designed to be a one…


Soundboard lets you bind music or sound clips to any key or key-combination. Prerequisites: Download and install VLC Media Player. How to use: Run Soundboard. On first launch, a sample INI will be created in the same folder where¬†SoundBoard is saved. Configure this INI to suite your needs, save it, and restart SoundBoard. Press the…