ShadowPlay Helper

A helper tool for Nvidia ShadowPlay that will play the last saved video upon hotkey. How to use: Run the program. On first launch, it will have you set the hotkey. Once you save the hotkey, just press this hotkey to play the last saved video recorded with ShadowPlay using the default media player for … Continue reading ShadowPlay Helper

Cursor Timer

Cursor Timer is a simple timer that displays it's remaining time near your cursor. It beeps when its time has run out. Downloads: Cursor-Timer.exe Source Code

MapleStory JustAsk

MapleStory JustAsk is a Bishop Party Bot. Anyone in the party will be able to have the Bishop who is using Party Bot to use any of the Bishop's spells and buffs. Instructions Extract into a separate folder and run the exe. The first run will install the necessary files and setup this program. You … Continue reading MapleStory JustAsk

WiFi Hotspot

A utility to enable, disable, and configure the WiFi-Hotspot feature on Windows devices. Downloads: WiFi-Hotspot.exe Source Code

Reduce Memory

A tool for reducing memory usage. Can be used to release memory caused by a memory leak, although it doesnt fix the issue. It can reduce multiple processes and PIDs and the interval can be set to a cooldown of your liking. Run the file once and it will use the default settings. You can … Continue reading Reduce Memory

Dota 2 Instant Picker

Always get the Hero you want to play with this Dota 2 Instant Picker. Simply run the program, type the hero's name in the box, and start searching for a game. The moment a game is found, it will automatically be accepted and the moment character select becomes available, your hero will be automatically selected … Continue reading Dota 2 Instant Picker

Dota 2 Auto Acceptor

This is a simple tool that automatically accepts any matches found. Features: Starts enabled. Press F7 to toggle on/off. Beeps once when off . Beeps twice when on . Works at any Windowed Mode or Borderless Resolution. Fullscreen and OpenGL modes not supported. Works on all gamemodes. Notes: Do not have your mouse hover over … Continue reading Dota 2 Auto Acceptor