• Extract into a separate folder and run the exe. The first run will install the necessary files and setup this program.
  • You will be prompted to set your keybinds. If you wish to reset these keybinds, delete the JustAsk.ini file.

How to use:

  • Just have anyone in PARTY chat say “hs” or “bless” (without quotes) and your character will use those skills.
  • You can say “commands” for an entire list of commands.
  • The command “fix100” will fix buffs not being applied. This is to counteract the 100 attack limitation.
  • The commands “partyinvite” and “leaveparty” can be used to regain control of a dead party.
  • These Party Management Commands only work in all chat with no quote rings and must be sent in lowercase.
  • You muse have ClearType enabled on Windows XP machines. Learn More

Command List:

Party Chat Commands:

  • hs (Holy Symbol)(EXP Buff)
  • bless (Advanced Blessing/Bless)
  • dispel
  • door (Mystic Door)
  • fountain (Holy Fountain)
  • heal
  • genesis (+15% All Stats)
  • maplewarrior
  • mw (same as maplewarrior, only shortened.)
  • revive
  • shell (Holy Magic Shell) (Blocks 10 instances of damage)
  • fix100 (Fixes buffs not being applied.)
  • commands (Displays this command list in game.)

All Chat Commands: (Party Management Commands)

  • partyinvite (Accepts a pending party invite)
  • leaveparty (Leaves the current party)

How it works:

This program searches for command in chat bubbles above players head. If it finds a command it uses that command. The chat bubble must be unobscured.


This program is capable of logging it usage when Logging = True is set in JustAsk.ini. When True, JustAsk.log is created in the same directory as the executable. You can open this log file with notepad and see which commands are being used and how often.

How to configure the INI File:

[keys] hs = {space} sit = t

  • In this Example, we can see that Holy symbol is set to Space.
  • If you set sit = off then the sit function will not be used.
  • To learn how to properly set your keys, click here.